Threeplusone is a collective art project initiated by Hallveig Ágústsdóttir (IS), Marie-Laure Delaby (BE), Juan Duque (CO) and Jimena Kato Murakami (PE). Other artists with a related practice are invited to collaborate to the project, such as Sabrina Harri (Fi), Yannick Franck (Be) and Melissa Mabesoone (Be).

Based in Belgium (Ghent) and USA (Philadelphia), we work with different media such as painting and drawing, photography and video, installation, intervention and sound art practices.
Our different approaches intend to exploit various aspects of our working topics.

We use a given space as departure point in order to create in situ works generating a dialogue between work and location.

Working together enables us to confront our ideas and to create a framework for confrontation, dialogue, articulation between our works, with the possibility to intervene on each other’s proposals using curatorial means.