Collective project, Oude Nijverheidschool , Gent,  October 2010

RESONANT FREQUENCIES is a meeting between several artists from different creative horizons, gathered around the common concern of working in situ.

Both on a personal level (individuality of the techniques and developed aesthetics, idiosyncracy of one’s creative process) and on a collective level (great importance given to the consistency of collective decisions and the coherence of the whole project’s scenography) the artists ambition to confront their visions to the place’s very aspects and specificities.

“The natural frequency, or frequencies, of any physical system or object are the frequencies at which it will vibrate if physically disturbed.”
“Resonance is the phenomenon that occurs when a physical system is periodically disturbed at the same period of one of its natural frequencies.”

Gathered around a long glas-ceiling technical room, each artist investigated a space in which he/she developped his/her work. Creating an intimate promiscuity with the works, the small rooms dive us into the different artists universes, while the large central room connects us to a vanishing past.

Sabrina Harri, “Home Sweet Home”, in situ sculpture (prototype).

220 x 90 x 120 cm
wood and MDF- boards, PVC window, neon and diode lights, carpet, water and water leak

Yannick Franck, “Lindenlei”, in situ sound installation.

This work is based on improvisations done by the artist, using several found objects, mainly scrap metal and test tubes.

Juan Duque, “40kg”, site-specific installation.
4 blocks of natural clay 10 kg each, red mineral pigment, red acrylic

Hallveig Ágústsdóttir, “untitled”, site-specific sound drawing.

Working directly on the surface of the room, an image- and soundscape gradually came out of the process of scraping, scratching, touching, painting, drawing by means of provoking sounds… The sounds were recorded, deconstructed, and reconstructed into a composition which together with the finished drawing, filled up the space.

Marie-Laure Delaby “Translucent”, in situ mixed-media installation.
projection, reflective pigments

“Translucent” is presented as a «trompe l’oeil» in an empty rectangular room. It extends the space in an evanescent landscape, appearing and disappearing in an organic rhythm, like a mirage in a deserted location.

The work is based on a series of pictures taken in the industrial haven of Gent. Detached from their original location they are combined in a phantasmagorical vision where light has a determinant role. The luminous effects are enhanced by the use of reflective pigments while the mixing and fading of the images is aleatory so that the experience is always singular and renewed.

Melissa Mabesoone , “untitled”, site-specific installation.
painting, found objects

Lines and geometric shapes can achieve a space. Noticing these lines generates a
reinterpretation of the space by the spectator and its position in it. The space compels the
spectator to peruse it in a other way. It hopes to indicate the aesthetics hidden in the landscape
and to disturb the blindness caused by triviality.

“Espace trouvé”, site-specific installation
washing powder, flour, cristal sugar and Dr. Geyer’s Fixil

In “Espace trouvé” a found place is claimed as an artwork. The work deals with the issue of a consciousness. An awareness of the (non-) aesthetics in the space surrounding us.
The specatator has to look through a sort of peephole to see the piece, hereby the status of the viewer gets determined. The work doesn’t only excites the sight but also the olfaction. The white surface emphasizes
the whole space.

“Part and parcel” is a book made of pictures, taken at the Lindelei. Every page, every image is a required and essential particle, only together they form the whole. The whole is the space itself seen by a specific point of view.